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Very much.

For all of us who hate Andrea Rastillini
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I hate Andrea Rastillini. If you hate her, join. Alot of people do.

In order to be accepted fill out this application...


Why do you hate Andrea?
Are you jealous of her?
Do you think shes pretty?
Do you find her annoying?
Am I cooler than her?
Do you think Andrea is a poser?

Top 4 Bands:
a static lullaby, absolve, ac dc, adema, afi, alice in chains, alkaline trio, andrea is stupid, andrew mcmahon, anola's recovery, anti-flag, anus juice, anything accoustic, art, atreyu, audioslave, autopilot off, bam, black flag, blink 182, blue burns orange, bowling for columbine, bows, brand new, brand nizzle, bright eyes, bush, butterflies, buttons, candy, checkers, cherries, chilli peppers, christ from nirvana, chronic future, coheed and cambria, corey feldman, dashboard confessional, dave grohl, death by sterio, deftones, derek, dicks, distillers, drawing, dropkick murpheys, drums, fairies, fall out boy, finch, franz ferdinand, goldfinger, green day, hating andrea, hawthorne heights, hearts, hello kitty, him, hoobastank, hot guys, hot hot heat, incubus, jhonny knoxville, konstantine, kurt cobain, lazy town, linkin park, lipgloss and letdown, little dicks, long drives, lyrics, m.m., mad caddies, mad tv, make up, making out, matchbook romance, micheal moore, mix tape, modest mouse, my shoes, nail polish, new found glory, nickalodeon, nine inch nails, nirvana, nofx, ohio is for lovers, old people!, orange, pearl jam, people who hate andrea, phil of the future, pink floyd, polka dots, rage against the machine, rainbows, rancid, real stars, rem, ricky ullman, rings, rise against, roony, ryan merriman, senses fail, shower scene, skirts, smile empty soul, soco amaretto lime, sparkles, stars, story of the year, stp, sublime, sugar cult, sweet talkers, taking back sunday, taking back sunday concerts, taking back sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!, taproot, the casualties, the clash, the early november, the living end, the postal service, the radio, the ramones, the starting line, the used, thirteen to one, this time imperfect, thursday, travis, unwritten law, viva la bam, warped tour, watermelons, weezer.,